Eating Vegan: A Plant-Based Cookbook for Beginners


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Your favorite foods made vegan―75 simple, plant-based recipes

If you’ve been considering going vegan but fear missing out on flavor, here’s some good news. Eating Vegan is packed with 75 mouthwatering vegan recipes that are simple to make and includes a starter guide to plant-based eating. Of all the vegan cookbooks, this is the one that seasoned vegans wish they’d had in the beginning.

Try plant-powered dishes inspired by familiar favorites, including French Toast and Baked Ziti. You’ll find nutritional information with every recipe, plus first-timer tips to help you get the most out of your meals. If you’re looking to adopt a plant-based diet, this standout among vegan cookbooks makes it easy.

All vegan cookbooks should include:

  • Starter meal plans―Begin with one plant-based meal per day and work up to all three with meal plans that make adopting veganism painless.
  • Your vegan kitchen―Learn about plant-based staples to have on hand, from tofu to nutritional yeast.
  • Fundamental foods―Unlike some other vegan cookbooks, this one offers techniques for cooking foundational foods like beans, lentils, grains, and tofu.

When it comes to vegan cookbooks that provide easy and delicious plant-based recipes, Eating Vegan is a step above the rest.

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