Eggless Possibilities: The must-have cookbook for every vegan beginner. Easy healthy recipes to bind any food. Free of eggs, fish, dairy, gluten, allergy-friendly, vegan.


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Bat-El Gershowitz, founder and creator of the colorful blog Batel's Kitchen takes her passion to the next level and creates her first revolutionary vegan cookbook. This book offers a wide collection of scrumptious eggless vegan dishes influenced by her vibrant Moroccan cooking background to help any new person transition to the plant-based diet in the smoothest way possible. Her modern recipes are packed with her traditional touch of Middle Eastern spices and flavors to enhance every dish.

Eggless Possibilities offers over 50 creative and practical recipes for every part of the weekday:

Easy, no fail, binding method for every ingredient. Explanatory step by step pictures. Endless ideas for lunch, brunch, breakfast or dinner. Plenty of finger food that is totally kid-friendly. A big verity of healthy gluten-free patties, burgers, and fritters. Colorful meals for every occasion. Vegan burgers that look, taste, and feel like real meat. Guide to other food binding methods Eggless possibilities is creative, innovative, colorful and beyond a healthy way to look at healthy food in a new eye. We no longer need the old regular white flour and breadcrumbs to fill in or hold the texture of eggless patties. Instead, grains, legumes, and plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables are finely given the respect they disserve and stand as no less than the star of the show. Although vegan patties and burgers are easily accessible today at almost any freezer section, some of the ingredients are highly processed and loaded with unhealthy oils, fats, salt, and preservatives. That is why Eggless Possibilities is a groundbreaking tool and guide to assist any home cook, easily, make healthier meals for their families with a no compromise on health, flavor, or texture. Nostalgic dishes like Moroccan fish balls, crab cakes, and matzah-ball soup are back at the table again with a new twist like never seen before!

  • ✅over 50 creative and practical recipes

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