Make Vegetables Great Again: Over 100 Recipes to Trick Your Kids into Eatin' Their Greens


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Make Vegetables Great Again is the go-to cookbook for making kids (and kids at heart) love their veggies!

Some kids say vegetables like it’s the dirtiest word they’ve ever heard. (Heck, some parents feel the same way!) But it doesn’t have to be like that! It’s time to Make Vegetables Great AgainInside this polished little hardcover cookbook you’ll find:

– Over 100 recipes, variations, and tips and tricks for making every meal (secretly!) chock full of vegetables!
Brilliant ideas for sneaking vegetables into kids' diets
Prep-ahead plans and other tricks for making mealtimes (and on-the-go mealtimes) super fun, fast, easy, and delicious!
Beautiful food photography that will reel in even the pickiest eater!
– Fun facts on how to select luscious produce, plus ways to get the most flavor and nutrition out of your vegetables!

Feeding a little person healthy, fresh, seasonal produce doesn’t have to be difficult. Make Vegetables Great Again will win over even the stubbornest little eater. They’ll be gobbling up that cauliflower in no time! Go on, get cooking—veg-filled breakfasts, fresh lunches, healthy snacks, and happy family dinners await!

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