Southern Vegan Eats: Homemade Recipes


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⠀Prepare yourself. For when you open this cookbook you will feel all the comforts of home from North Carolina Native, Aszure Gardner. Social media sensation and Creator of Southern Vegan Eats. ⠀⠀In her cookbook you will find mouthwatering vegan recipes from all over the world and they are true to who she is. Aszure grew up in North Carolina, however she has lived all over the world to include Germany & S. Korea. She is truly a southern vegan who loves to eat. There’s even a beginners vegan grocery list to get you started! These traditional southern recipes turned vegan will feed your body and soul. ⠀⠀With comfort foods, like a steaming hot bowl of Jerk Chili or Baby Bella Pot Roast. Friends and family will be scraping the pot.⠀Also included are desserts like the melt-in-your-mouth Triple Chocolate Coffee Cake and decadent Pineapple Rum Upside Down Cupcakes that are so good, you’ll want to slap your grandmother… don’t do it! ⠀⠀This vegan cookbook will help you to gain confidence when preparing vegan food, no matter who you’re feeding. Vegans and meat eaters alike can’t get enough. These recipes will feed and fuel your whole family.⠀⠀Sample Recipes ⠀⠀Ginger Lemonade – Page 22⠀⠀Prep Time: 7 mins⠀Servings: 2⠀⠀Ingredients⠀⠀1 thumb of ginger⠀1 whole lemon (peeled)⠀16 ozs water⠀1 cup ice⠀⠀Instructions ⠀⠀Place in blender with vegan sweetener of choice and serve. ⠀⠀Pesto – Page 36 ⠀⠀Prep Time: 15 mins ⠀Servings: 10⠀⠀Ingredients ⠀⠀1.5 cups basil⠀1.5 cups baby spinach or all basil ⠀⅔ cup olive oil⠀1 cup almonds⠀5 cloves garlic⠀⅔ cup nutritional yeast⠀Pink Himalayan salt & pepper to⠀taste.⠀⠀Instructions ⠀⠀Place all of the ingredients into food processor and process until smooth. ⠀⠀⠀Bonus Recipe ⠀⠀Raw Chocolate Pudding ⠀⠀½ c soaked cashews or almonds (rinsed and drained)⠀1 ripe avocado⠀2-3 tbsps cacao powder⠀½ c water⠀1 tsp pure vanilla⠀coconut sugar or raw agave (to taste)⠀⠀Place all ingredients in blender, blend until smooth and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to chill. ⠀⠀Optional – Top with cacao dibs before serving⠀

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