The Truly Healthy Vegan Cookbook: 90 Whole Food Recipes with Deliciously Simple Ingredients


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There are vegan cookbooks and then there’s truly healthy vegan cookbooks.

The perfect vegan diet is the monumental ambition of most vegan cookbooks. The problem is, there are so many vegan foods that are loaded with processed sugars, white flour, and unhealthy fats and not many vegan cookbooks that address it. The Truly Healthy Vegan Cookbook is for anyone looking to remove these additional, unnatural contents, and enhance their, already noble, animal-friendly, dietary lifestyle.

Beginning with the top 10 most common vegan diet mistakes, The Truly Healthy Vegan Cookbook delivers recipes, like Piña Colada Green Smoothies or Crispy Artichoke Tacos, filled with diverse flavor, all within a narrow ingredient checklist. And don’t worry―unlike other vegan cookbooks, an occasional comfort-food cheat is human and encouraged. The goal is to get away from using them as a regular part of your daily menu.

A true commitment to vegan cookbooks with features like:

  • Police your pantry―Carefully fill your pantry with the right proteins, fats, and complex carbs so they are always on hand.
  • No fuzzy veggies―Learn product freshness timelines with a product storage guide so you can keep accurate count of your fresh fridge inventory.
  • O is for organized―Includes a fully indexed final section―looking for recipes with corn? Look under C.

If you have been searching for truly vegan cookbooks in order to achieve your lofty vegan diet goals, look no further.

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