The Vegan Alphabet Book: Let's Learn the Alphabet – Vegan Style! (The Little Vegan Books)


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Picture Book for Vegan Kids (Ages 2-6)

Let’s Learn the alphabet – Vegan Style!In Book One, The Vegan Alphabet book, join Tofu & Tempeh and many other vegan characters as we learn the alphabet… vegan style!This isn’t just a fruit and veggies book, many of these obscure food items are kitchen favourites, known quite well to the vegans amongst us. This book comes with a bonus audiobook, read-along download, with chimes to turn the page, and music as well! Read by the author E.E. Bertram, (also known as Esther.) Esther loves animals and was vegetarian for 10 years and has now been vegan for 20 years. Visit the downloads page to receive your complimentary audiobook.

The Little Vegan Books Series Overview: What better way to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of delicious vegan food, than with the “The Little Vegan Books” series. These are alphabet books, vegetable recognition books, and books about kindness and respect towards all creatures.

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