Time to Eat!: A Fun-Filled Day of Plant-Based Eating


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What to feed that grumbling tummy? Mom will introduce you to the wide world of delicious plant-based foods! Her hungry son is won over, and you can be too, as they discover new foods throughout the day’s meals and snacks.

“Time to eat up your veggies, and eat up your beans, then some berries and oats, and of course let’s add greens!”

What kids eat can set them up for a lifetime of good health. Consider a whole food plant-based diet as an ideal and evidence-based way to feed kids (and the whole family). Author Lindsey Schaffer, who is also a practicing family physician, presents a rhyming tour of the major food groups you need. Share this with your family and let it inspire more exploration into plant foods that will keep your family healthy and thriving.

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